Learn The Exotic Science Of Computers At Cambridge Immerse

Learn The Exotic Science Of Computers At Cambridge Immerse



If you, the student, have got the passion to understand the different ways in which a computer behaves, it’ll be apt to go for a computer science programme that’s offered at Cambridge Immerse—it’s been a successful educational hub that’s made the concept of “learning is fun” a reality. It’s a summer school that’s been the stepping stone to success for countless students 

So once you’ve enrolled in a computer science course at this summer school, you’ll be studying within the Cambridge University campus itself—now, that’s called prestige. Plus, the curriculum of this course is in step with the dynamic sector of computer technology.

Computer science: Explaining in brief

This specific residential summer course is divided into two specific parts—in 2016, the first session will be held from 24 July to 6 August. After this session, the next one will commence on 7 August and will end on 20 August. Additionally, once you’ve successfully attended the course, you’ll be given a certificate. (This certificate will count a lot when the selectors—at a particular university or a college—will consider your admission application.)

Apart from the studies, this course will also provide you the golden opportunity to meet and to interact with students who’re belonging to different parts of the world. And that’s not all—this summer school will give you ample opportunities to participate in a variety of excursions and extracurricular activities.

Performance assessment at Cambridge Immerse

Performance assessment is something that enables an individual to wholly develop. Keeping this in mind, Cambridge Immerse has always emphasised on providing students an unbiased assessment of their knowledge level and skill set.

The school’s instructors are well versed with the art of providing a holistic analysis of a student’s performance. This summer school even lets its brightest students to provide feedback to other students; this approach fosters peer-to-peer interaction and learning.

The world-class academic content

After signing up in the computer science course at the Cambridge Summer School, you will be able to learn different subject-related concepts. These concepts include the basic principles and the advances ones, too.

The course’s schedule consists of the following:

  • The latest happenings within the world of computer science.

  • The theoretical and the empirical concepts of different programming languages.

  • A comprehensive introduction on the computational theory.

  • The different changes that the field of artificial intelligence is facing these days.

So we’ll urge you to join today if you really wish to build a stellar career in the world of computer technology tomorrow.