Ethical Hacking Tricks and Ideas

Ethical Hacking Tricks and Ideas



Learn Ethical Hacking ,(Ethical Hacking is legal) and computers, Smart internet usage for free at home . Ethical Hacking is not a single term It always includes Cyber security or information security with it . so that it is pronounced as Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security or Information Security.  Get cool tricks and ideas about internet, windows, linux , various Operating Systems , Browsers , Fast downloading Ideas mobile phone ebooks, good study material and most imortantly learn how to secure your personal data your system from various spywares , malwareses etc .

you can learn the shortcuts of those thing on which you spent a lot time along with they are easy to use and will make you efficient in your work.

As all we know that in todays world information security is one of the most basic requirement for everyone malawares and viruses have became so powerfull n it is practicaaly very difficult to update a device regulary with new antiviruses because after some time they faces failure. Hackers in socitey are grabing good skills they are seeking for knowledge so why do not we people if a criminal can learn then why can not we??. our security is in our hands . we are only responsible for our security. 

time is also very important it will help you in work fast for eg:- a laptop or a mobile for browsing we use mobile but sometimes we nees the desktop view of a website on phone  and it became bigger task what to do where to do etc so here is a trick which is really very useful:-

  How to open desktop version of a website on Mobile phone:-

Step 1: Open up the website whose full version you want to access in iPhone’s
browser , as you always do. As expected, this will load the mobile version
of the website. Now, tap the Share button.

Step 2: This will bring up numerous sharing options (e.g. Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin ) for the website. Now, tap on the Request Desktop Site button.That’s it. The browser will now load the ‘desktop’ version of the website.

This tip works for almost all websites.


Also it is not all about ethical Hacking and Cyber security it is also about all those wonderfull tricks which can really help us in our work efficiently.

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