Premedical Courses- What all you need to Know

Premedical Courses- What all you need to Know



Premedical courses train students to join medical schools. These courses provide significant information on medical sciences. A student on a premedical path is allowed to choose any undergraduate medical course. The Uzhhorod Medical Institute welcomes fresher candidates from round the world who wish to continue their studies at the institute. The duration of the course is one year. If completed successfully, a certificate is awarded to the student. Generally, students from science background can take the benefit of these courses. The teachers and professors help students in every aspect of medical studies. For the convenience of candidates, the courses are well conducted in English and Russian mediums.

During the first semester, the University provides basic knowledge regarding communication skills, General Biology I, Medical terminology I and Inorganic chemistry. During second semester, the university provides the basics of General Biology II, Introduction to Cytophysiology, Microscopic Anatomy and introduction to Anatomy and Physiology. Students can develop their skills in making scientific notes, master the medical terminologies and can understand the medical ethics conducted in the University classroom.

The University provides students airport pickup service and total assistance with temporary accommodation which would be available only to those students who are ready to start their higher education in Uzhhorod for the first time. The University provides these services to all new students through the coordinator of the administrative firm.

The department of international education and scientific cooperation is focused on the analytical activities that causes the development, expansion and strengthening of university relations and authority in the world community. The main tasks of the department are as follows

(i) To conclude cooperation agreements with foreign and scientific institutions

(ii) To analyze the perceptions of existing temporary associations between the University and the partner institutes.

(iii) To organize international scientific conferences, symposiums and seminars.

(iv) To organize cultural and sports programs for foreign students and other scientific staff members.

(v) Informing university about international educational organizations, programs, funds, scholarships and grants.

(vi) Assistance in generating project proposals and applications, consulting University staff and students for the concerned issues.

The Best Medical Schools in Europe conduct learning based on recent medical developments and advancements. While studying in Ukraine, students get opportunities to discover their talent and potential. Today, the University holds the maximum level of accreditation. It is chasing the standards of European education. The Bologna principle allows students and teachers mobility in different European and African nations.