Is Mathematics Easy ?

Is Mathematics Easy ?



The Tittle “Mathematics is Easy” is quite interesting and some one may  get anxious, interested and of course irritated on seeing the text book of “Mathematics“. 

Forgot the Slogan “Mathematics is a major problem“. You may get  many problems in Mathematics.But, Mathematics is not a problem. 

At times, Mathematics could be better than the sleeping pills.  Meanwhile, some one may get very interested in mathematics even when they are tired. Only the thought process and the interest differs when  we approach Mathematics. 

Is Maths Easy?

Yes, Maths is Easy. If you have  good analytic skills, interest and sincerity, Mathematics is always a honey in the spoon for you. 

Apart from our learning in Schools and Colleges, Mathematics travel with us from our childhood to old age.So, Now a question rises

How Can I make Mathematics easier for me? 

Be strong in your Basics:-

You should be very strong in your basics . Remember, BODMAS (brackets of division , multiplication, addition, subraction) is very essential and you  need to be very strong in this. You should be very strong in square roots,  squares, cube roots, cubes etc.. This can be theoretical and keep in mind  these tips will be very useful to you when you solve big problems. 

Regular practise:-

Have a regular practise. Especially, Mathematics is not at all easy with  out regular practise. Mathematics always goes with a equilibrium of  practise and perfection.  

Don’t Give up:-

It is usual that we get mistakes when we try something. Don’t Give up for those silly pump outs. 


Mistakes can turn you good, better and the best than you are now and  ever before. 

Writer’s Point of View:-

Mathematics is a matter of Interest, sincerity, analytics and not problems, mistakes and confusions. 


Hi students,

Many schools have re-opened and other schools and colleges are yet to open. Some students will be going to the same school or college while others may be moving to other schools or colleges and some will have a different experience as you will enter a college after schooling.

Whether you are a school or college student it doesn’t matter learning from the beginning will enable you to complete the year successfully. Start the year with fresh innovative ideas and thoughts. You will meet new teachers and friends, communicate with all in a right way. Once you step into school or college, you need to analyze the syllabus, read the books, prepare checklist and blueprint and go beyond by learning through internet.

You may not understand when you read the subjects for the first time, never leave it as such but keep on reading, surf internet and get to know about the same. It’s not that you should study only after you have been taught by the teachers, you have to learn before and get some ideas and make yourself energetic. Discuss with your friends and teachers & express your thoughts about the lesson you are going to learn on daily basis. Initiate the class to make debate on the same. This will enable you to get different views from them.

You might be wondering why I am saying this now itself but it is good to think about the same now to attain success at the end of the year. Listen to the class carefully, take notes, clarify your doubts with teachers or friends, revise the lesson on the same day and test yourself what you have understood. Being a book worm will never help you rather understanding what you learn will help you to shine.

Learning from the day one and having the habit of revising your lessons daily will make your exam preparation very easy. Plan accordingly and taste the fruit of success. Make your student life memorable and meaningful.

All the very best!!!